About Us
About Us
Outstaffing AS is a close-knit team of IT talents from Ukraine. Our aim is to provide start-ups and entrepreneurs with professional developers. The company offers outstaffing services that help you build your dream team for the project and achieve desired results.
We have a huge database of specialists and deep expertise in recruiting. For a reasonable price, you get your dedicated team of IT experts and full support with issues connected to human resources management.
About us
It's the #1 software powerhouse in Central Europe, and the fourth largest IT-exporter in the world.
There are over 100 R&D facilities in Ukraine today that serve no less than 20 of the Fortune 100 companies.
Why Ukraine?
Ukrainian universities produce over 380,000 IT graduates annually
More than 50% of IT specialists possess fluent or advanced English skills.
More than 127.000 IT professionals today
Friendly and open culture; simple values and attitude to business
2000 successful international start-ups
1st in the world in the number of C++ programmers
Main points about Outstaffing
You can benefit from worldwide talents and hire even the "hardest to find" and qualified specialist for a reasonable price.
You get rid of duty to transfer taxes, compensations for every employee and all the paperwork connected with HR management.
Outstaffing reveals you from the expenses connected with office management and working equipment.
Try all advantages
of Ukrainian IT market
Whether you need an experienced software engineer and a qualified project manager or junior mobile developer and fresh graphic designer, our team is to find the exact specialist you need for your project.
Don't hesitate to write us and learn how we can help.
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