Online price guarantee platform
| AI
| Machine Learning
| OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
NDA Client
Our client is a Norwegian startup that helps buyers claim a refund if the store lowers their price after a purchase. By uploading the receipt after the purchase, the customers can claim the difference if the price drops.
Project Description
Platform tracks the price across the Internet and helps get the price difference automatically.
Business Needs
The app was used to let people take advantage of price match guarantees. To achieve this goal, the client wanted to scan the user’s receipts to track prices using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology in combination with AI and ML. The automated claiming system also helped the user get refunded as needed.
We started the R&D process by finding the best Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system on the market. A lot of tests were performed, and, ultimately, Google Vision AI was chosen to recognize the data from receipts that we would upload to the system.
With Google ML, we achieved receipt recognition results of more than 90%. All code was written using the open web framework Vapor Swift.
Key Features
Collection of all receipts in one place
Recognition of products, quantity and price of each product in a receipt. Total price and purchase date can also be recognized
Ability to scan and automatically upload receipts from your email, or manually upload a pdf
Ability to track prices across the Internet
Automated communication with stores
Ability to file a digital claim on a customer's behalf – right from the user’s email address
Ability to handle refunds securely
Ability to quickly connect to users' accounts to get their refunds without having to manually fill in account details
Business Impact
16,500 users
€1.4 million processed transactions
Scaling the business in other EU countries
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