Hydra is a powerful and flexible e-commerce platform, filled with extremely useful options and features for businesses of any type and size. It was originally developed for the huge online store Proteinfabrikken AS - a leading Scandinavian supplier of sports nutrition, dietary supplements, training clothes and exercise equipment. But now Hydra can be implemented for any online store quickly and economically
| Front-end development
| Back-end development
| Recruiting
| Support & Maintenance
A client came to us with the already created platform for an online store. The system functioned, however, it had many critical bugs and wasn’t stable. There was also no technical documentation, so the algorithm and principles of the platform’s operation were absolutely unclear. Therefore, the main task. Therefore, the main tasks were the stabilization of the system and the creation of a team that can maintain and improve its functionality. The core goal was providing e-commerce solutions for every size and type of business.
Project Description
The first step was searching and hiring IT specialists needed for development and further support of the e-commerce platform. After proper interviewing candidates, the team was selected: a project manager, technical director, full-stack developers (PHP, Node JS, Angular JS, Vue JS), front-end developers (Angular, Vue JS), QA engineers.
The next step was to collect information on the existing platform functionality. So the guys went to Brazil to the developers who were previously engaged in this project. After transferring all the knowledge of the system’s work, the Hydra team’s specialists created technical documentation that made it possible to begin competent work on the improvement and development of the platform.
Having full understanding
of core goals and expectations
we provided the following solutions:
To build the team for e-commerce platform development and support
To figure out how the current system is working
To stabilize the work of the platform and make it simple and flexible

Then the team proceeded to the development stage. The greatest challenge was that the system could not be stopped. The online store continued to function, and global changes needed to be made in real time. There was no room for error. Due to the great expertise, the Hydra team perfectly met this challenge and managed to optimize the platform.
Technology stack
A team of professionals with a unique combination of talent creativity and bright minds. We provide an overall and complex integration of IT services for the business market.
Android studio
Retrofit with RxJava
Network request (Android)
Network request (iOS)
Third party libraries
The Hydra team managed to create a truly reliable and high-quality platform for selling goods on the Internet. Now Hydra platform is used by various stores in the Norwegian market. Due to a large number of developed features, this system is very flexible, therefore it is suitable for businesses of any type and size. The Hydra team has developed an excellent platform with a convenient customer service management module, with the ability to receive various reports and manage the warehouse at all levels (the creation of locations, receiving of products to particular locations, selling of products from particular locations, stock adjustments and stocktaking). This system integrates with accounting systems, as well as with the most reliable payment systems of the Scandinavian market. Hydra platform can be customized for any business needs and support the specific features of the product.
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One more word to add
The Hydra team is constantly working on the e-commerce platform adding new features that business can benefit from. The future plans of the team include
Multiples storefronts (b2c, b2b, oriented on different countries) with one admin panel
POS solutions
Build-in webstore template customization module
Content Oriented Web
Make great presentations, longreads, and landing pages, as well as photo stories, blogs, lookbooks, and all other kinds of content oriented projects.
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