How to Determine an Excellent Developer
The IT field is developing very fast. The list of companies that provide the software and information technology services is constantly growing. So more and more IT specialists are needed nowadays. Though the labor market offers many potential employees, it is very hard to determine an excellent developer. To hire a truly competent and skilled specialist it is necessary to know what qualities distinguish a great software developer. So what are the top traits of a good programmer?
Time Management Skills
The work of the developer is complex and time-consuming and always consists of several major stages and many small steps. Each of these tasks affects the overall project development process, so it’s very important to meet deadlines. A developer with good time management skills will be able to properly assess how much time is needed to perform a particular task, and will effectively plan his work.
Attention to Details
Working at the project it is necessary to concentrate not only on the core goals but also on the development process. The final result will hardly meet the expectations if not paying attention to all the details now. A professional developer is a perfectionist whose high speed and productivity do not adversely affect the quality of work.
Problem-solving Skills
The development process is not that easy and the problem issues can appear anytime. A good developer sees challenges in difficulties and patiently overcome them. A professional programmer will always look for possible ways to complete the task. Otherwise, every time you want to implement something new, you will hear “It is impossible”.
For a good developer, programming isn’t just a job. It’s a hobby, it’s a huge field of interest. A person who is passionate about what he is doing never shows bad results. It really does matter for a good developer what product he is working at and how he is performing as a specialist. Besides, the technologies are not static, and it is necessary to stay up-to-date and learn the new tendencies of the IT filed. A passionate person will definitely be curious about technological novelties and never stop self-education.
Ability to work in a team
The programmer seldom works alone, even if he is the only developer in the company. It is important for a good developer to be able to work with designers, managers, marketing and sales specialists, as well as with other programmers. After all, a close-knit team is one of the key factors of a company’s success.
Technical expertise
Good developers had experience with many technologies to become really competent. Of course, it is necessary to find a specialist who has worked with the programming language or the certain technology that is needed for your project. But it is a big mistake to pay attention only to the experience with the languages needed. If the developer learned the new one and worked with it for 1 year, but before he had many years of experience with other languages, he may be a great developer for your team. Due to his diverse industry experience, such a specialist can offer optimal solutions to your project.
Communication skills
The communication skills are extremely needed especially when it goes about remote collaboration. For it is timely and properly organized communication that makes remote cooperation effective. It is very important for a web developer to be able to explain what he is working at, what technical problems need to be solved. The programmer needs to communicate with other employees and clients sometimes. So a good developer should clearly explain all the needs, doubts, risks and progress of the project in an understandable way.
Here we are talking about the ability of an employee to take responsibility for his working filed and results. A good developer definitely takes care of the project he is working at and tries to do his best to show excellent results. However, difficulties are inevitable and fail happens sometimes. In such a case it is very important that the developer takes ownership of his mistakes and doesn’t hide them. It is better to analyze what went wrong and fix it in time than to cause bigger issues in the project.
Of course, it is not extremely necessary for a developer to have all these skills. But such traits help to distinguish a great programmer from other programmers. If you just interviewed the candidate and find a developer who possesses all these skills, make him sign the employment contract immediately and consider yourself to be an incredibly lucky person. But if you haven’t found such a specialist to your team yet, don’t worry. In Outstaffing Inc we do know where to look for a perfect reliable developer with impressive technical expertise and excellent communication skills for your dream team.
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