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How it works

Outstaffing Inc supports all stages of software and app development by providing qualified IT-staff. You tell us what you work with and we find proper specialists for your project at a reasonable price.

Project description

Project description

Tell us about your project
to determine the specialists
needed for its development.
Recruiting process

Recruiting process

After making the full list of
necessary requirements
we select proper candidates.
Personal interview

Personal interview

Have an informal talk
with each candidate
to get to know them better.
Further cooperation

Further cooperation

Start project development with
your new team completed and get
our further support if it is necessary.
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We carefully select every candidate according to all your requirements. We look not only at the technical background and skills but also at personal qualities you want your employee to have. Besides, you will have an informal talk with each candidate to better understand if he or she is suitable for further cooperation.
Outsourcing means that you deliver certain tasks to the third-party company. The aim is to complete this part of the work. Outstaffing is about hiring your own team who will perform as your in-house employees. So you won’t have to look for a specialist every time you need to have some work done.
Of course, you can manage your team directly. You can work with your employees via the project manager to save more time for concentration on core goals. But whether you need direct communication, you can easily manage your team by yourself.
Remote cooperation is not as convenient as an in-house one. But we know how to make such collaboration effective. There are many reliable tools that let communicate and control your remote team.
Reviews from
our customers
Feedback from
our customers

Andrey is a skilled web developer who is flexible and applies great effort into finding the right solution for his clients. I enjoyed working with Andrey and will likely have additional jobs for him in the future.

Katrine Fotland

Outstaffing AS is a creative and reliable partner in this fast moving digital age.

Rik Vercoutere
Ceo at

iOS Developer

2 years of experience, est. $4,000/month
Development of software products from scratch, leading soft skills, clean code.

UX/UI Designer

2 years of experience, est. $4,000/month
Design thinking with proper interface architecture, easy intuitive user experience.

Project Manager

2 years of experience, est. $4,000/month
Possess expertise in product management and agile development, providing team cooperation.
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