6 Misconceptions about Outstaffing in Ukraine
More and more IT companies outsource some duties and hire Ukrainian development teams for their projects. But still, there are many people who have misconceptions about outstaffing in Ukraine. It may be explained by the lack of information about this option and its benefits. So we decided to analyze common concerns about outstaffing in Ukraine and dispel the fears.
Different values and culture
One of the reasons why many European companies doubt cooperation with Ukraine is the difference in cultural beliefs. There is one more misconception about outstaffing in Ukraine that Ukrainians people have a completely different mentality and this fact can negatively affect their work. However, it is a myth.

In reality, most Ukrainians, especially young ones, are open-minded and friendly people who share European values and principles. So when you work together you won’t feel any mental difference. You will have a shared vision and meaningful partnership, and Ukrainian diligence will be an extra bonus in this effective cooperation.
Language barrier
Many believe that it will be difficult to cooperate with Ukrainian outstaffing companies because of the language barrier. But this is a big illusion about outstaffing in Ukraine because the level of knowledge of the English language in Ukraine is very high. Almost in every school and university studying English is obligatory. People involved in the IT sector have at least an intermediate level. Ukrainian developers can communicate in English, as well as maintain technical documentation in this language. Therefore, you can count on a clear understanding of the tasks and comfortable communication between the parties.
Low level of knowledge
The financial gain in outstaffing to Ukraine is obvious: to get a development team for the project here is much cheaper than in other European countries. Therefore, many believe that it is impossible to obtain high quality at a low price. And this is one more delusion about outstaffing in Ukraine. According to the International Trade Center Ukraine is among the top 20 of the largest exporters of IT services in the world. More than 70% of the export of IT-services in Ukraine is software development. Such interest is explained by the fact that at a reasonable price you get not just a development team, but a team of real professionals who due to their experience and knowledge can offer profitable solutions for your business. Ukraine also ranks 3rd in the world in the number of certified IT specialists.
Unfavorable economic situation
The political and economic situation in Ukraine can hardly be considered as stable. We will not deny that there are a number of problems that influence the living standards, economy, etc. However, foreign companies have absolutely nothing to fear, since the government creates the most favorable conditions for foreign investors to do business here. Many huge companies have R&D centers in Ukraine, for example, Samsung Electronics, NetCracker, SyslQ, Magento, Aricent and others. The government actively supports the IT sector, so it should not be any kind of misconception about outstaffing in Ukraine for European and American companies.
Difficulties with communication
It is funny but many people have misbelief about outstaffing in Ukraine because of the possible issues with communication. However, now there are many services that allow you to communicate with a remote team as effective and simple as with the in-house employees. With the help of modern programs, you can hold meetings, host conferences and discuss projects in detail online thanks to the screen sharing function. It is possible to create thematic working chats to manage issues with tasks quickly and keep the workflow efficient.
Lack of control and proper management
Last but not least mistake about outstaffing in Ukraine is that you won’t be able to properly control your remote employees. When your team is in the office, you can easily manage the workflow and observe the whole process. So it seems to be very difficult to control your employees when you don’t see them. But modern technologies offer excellent solutions to cope with them. Nowadays there are many services that let you control working time, analyze the effectiveness of each employee and receive all necessary reports. Also, you can use tools for project management where you can create tasks, add users to them, control the progress and simplify the whole workflow. Learn more in our article about the management of the remote development team.
More and more foreign companies do outsourcing and outstaffing in Ukraine and already benefit from it. There are also such companies that consider this option but still doubt about outstaffing in Ukraine. We are not saying that all these concerns don’t occur. What we want to show is that everything can be easily solved, especially if you have a reliable outstaffing contractor. Stop hesitating and start benefit from outstaffing in Ukraine today.
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