12 Awesone Tools for Easy Remote Collaboration
Last week we told you about the most useful tips for working effectively with a remote team. Today we offer to consider various services that will make this cooperation convenient. Now, here are the best easy remote collaboration tools that allow you to communicate, manage projects and monitor the work of a remote team. Let’s stop on the coolest and most useful programs.

Tools for Time Tracking
1.Time Doctor
Time Doctor is a program that lets to track working hours. It is one of the finest remote communication tools which easily integrates with various systems and programs: Jira, Redmine, Slack, Google Calendar and many others. This tracker monitors the work and allows you to understand how much time is spent on certain projects and tasks. The program also shows sites and applications and how often they are used. Time Doctor makes a full report of the time spent (by programs, sites, tasks, and other parameters). This program also sends various notifications to help the employee concentrate on work and stay productive.
2.Yaware. Time Tracker
Yaware is also a type of time tracker. It allows for making different types of job analysis. Also, this program offers staff evaluation. Thanks to Yaware, you can monitor employee presence in the workplace that is a very convenient remote conversation tool when working with a remote team. In addition, this application has the ability to take into account the working time spent not on a computer (meetings, conferences, etc.). Also, like Time Doctor, Yaware creates customized reports.
TimeCamp is a service for automatic monitoring of spent time. Just like the previous ones, this program offers convenient reports, checks the use of websites and applications during work. TimeCamp measures the efficiency of users, as well as evaluates projects and helps to understand how to spend time properly and effectively. This program integrates well with other services. A feature of the TimeCamp is that it compares the assessment of the task (how much time is needed to complete it) to the actual time spent. In this way, you can understand what reasons affected the speed of completing the task and either eradicate them or next time plan the process, taking into account these factors.

Services for Project Management
This easy remote collaboration tool solves the problem of managing projects and tasks for small groups. This service allows you to create tasks and projects, add users to them. You can set tasks, attach files of different types to them and specify a priority. For each task, all participants can add comments, which greatly simplifies communication and makes it more efficient. Asana allows you to receive updated information during the task. Also in this program, you can make a plan for the day.
This service is designed specifically for programmers and development teams. YouTrack supports Scrum and Kanban (agile boards for project visualization). It provides 17 types of reports and records time. YouTrack is a very flexible program that can be customized and the best remote communication tool for your project. It is possible to comment on all tasks, add observers and manage the backlog. One of the features of this program is the built-in editing screenshots that are added to the task. YouTrack sends notifications by mail or chat.
Redmine is also a project management web application. There are diagrams, calendars, wiki and forums in this app. In Redmine, you can configure the user’s roles. This program can support multiple projects. As in similar best remote collaboration applications, in Redmine, you can create tasks (even by email), add estimated time, attach files, and so on. Also here there are users’ fields for questions and temporary entries.
This is one of the first platforms for complete project management. Basecamp has all the necessary functionality to work with a remote team. In each project, you can have conversations, create lists of tasks and use the calendar for planning. The administrator can control the stage of project development, as well as monitor the activity of each team member. Basecamp has chat rooms for quick discussions and a message board for posting announcements and updates. Also in this application, there is the possibility of planning stages and dates in the form of a schedule. Basecamp also integrates perfectly with Time Doctor.
This is a popular and simple remote collaboration tool so it does not take time to adapt. In Trello, everything is based on packs of cards. Each pack is a project or part of a project. The cards themselves are divided into columns that you specify yourself (for example: to do, in progress, for approving). The card has special features: the task can be discussed, there you can also vote and attach files of different types. You can put each task on a certain user and monitor all changes in real-time.

Apps for Communication
This is a well-known faraway remote communication tool. Skype allows you to safely communicate anywhere and from any device (a single interface for many systems, including Windows, IOS, Android). This program offers several types of communication: messages, voice and video calls. Also in this application, it is possible to arrange virtual meetings and see up to 5 participants in one window. One of the cool features of Skype is the ability to share your desktop. This can be very useful in the project development process. Also in this program, you can schedule appointments through Outlook, as well as record sound and image.
This is a service for video conferencing and online meetings. Also in this program, you can create group chats. A good feature of Zoom is the joint use of the screen. Thus, with the help of this service, you can organize an effective meeting or discussion about project development steps. Also here you can share the screen even from a mobile phone. Another useful feature of Zoom for remote cooperation is the ability to create rooms for collaboration. Also in this program, you can send invitations to a conversation, a meeting or a webinar by phone, mail or company contacts.
This is an online service for corresponding both within the whole company and within the team. Slack has the ability to integrate active conversations with other applications. In this program, you can customize notifications for the desktop, as well as for the mobile application and email. Slack has a very remote convenient associated tool where you can easily share files.
It is very fast, simple, secure and what is not less important free instant messaging service. Telegram is a popular distant participation tool that has the ability to send voice and video messages. Also, this program allows you to make calls and create group chats. You can pin up to 5 conversations for more convenient use. Telegram works on PCs, tablets and mobile devices. Also in this application, you can send files of any type. The advantage of this service is the ability to create secret chats that can be configured for automatic self-destruction, in other words, the removal of all content. In addition, even though Telegram is free, there is no advertising here.

We decided to mention an extra piece of useful information as a bonus for you. Get acquainted with convenient IT services that are an

excellent solution for customer support:
1. Freshdesk
This is a service that makes it possible to speed up and optimize customer support. Due to this program, you can automate many processes by correctly distributing requests. Thus, the number of small tasks is reduced, and your specialists are able to focus on more important ones. This system is easy and fast to install, supports various communication channels – email, chat rooms, social networks and more. Also in Freshdesk, there is an opportunity to conduct surveys in order to determine how satisfied your customers are with the service or goods received. The feature of this program is a self-service portal for automating customer assistance. Learn how you can use Freshdesk for your business.
2. Reply.io
This is a program for automation incoming and outgoing sales. Reply.io is a platform for optimizing work with emails. This service creates campaigns and integrates with your CRM. In this program, you can set the sequence of messages, choose different mail templates, import a large number of contacts, conduct A/B tests and much more. Reply.io is an excellent service for newsletters and for following up with inbound leads. This tool also offers various reports and statistics, analysis of the campaign’s effectiveness, and planning the mailing. Follow up your leads with Reply.io.

As you see, today there are many services that allow to make working with remote team efficiency and help employees to stay productive. Get convenient reports on updates, see what is completed or what needs to be done, easily arrange meetings, plan the project development process and manage your team in the best way using these tools. Don’t know what programs are better for your business? Feel free to ask our experts in Outstaffing Inc.
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