7+ Reasons to Do Outstaffing in Ukraine
It is usually accepted to think about India, Bangladesh or the Philippines when it comes to choosing outstaffing services. But today the situation has been changed and more and more European companies turn to Ukrainian IT-market. Ukraine has become the top country in Europe for outsourcing software development. And that is not a coincidence. There is a huge list of reasons to choose outstaffing in Ukraine. Let’s review the major ones of them.
Convenient Timezone
Time zone of Ukraine — GMT + 2. It means that the working hours are matched. So there will be no problems with communication connected with time. That’s why outstaffing in Ukraine for Europe is more convenient in comparison with India or China.
High Level of Expertise
Ukraine has great potential for the workforce. Ukrainian developers are skilled in various technologies and have an excellent level of competence in all of the most popular programming languages (Java, JavaScript, PHP, and Python).
Large Number of IT-specialists
There is the largest number of IT experts in Ukraine among European countries. And the size of the IT workforce is constantly growing every year. Now there are more than 90,00 technical specialists in Ukraine, and by 2020 this number is expected to increase to 200,000.
Comparable Education
Ukraine has great technical potential, as it has been a tech center in the Soviet Union. There are many technical universities here which provide an excellent base of knowledge. Besides, many Ukrainian IT companies organize training or courses for developers, QA engineers, designers. Such kind of education is often free so that every specialist has a possibility to upgrade technical skills and get the most up-to-date information about the necessary IT subsector.
Huge Choice of Outstaffing Companies
The big demand for Ukrainian IT services caused an increase in the number of companies that offer such services. That’s why every European firm will have a big choice. Besides, it is possible to benefit from such a situation because outstaffing companies may offer additional services to get the client and strengthen their positions in the market.
Certified Experts
Ukraine won the 3rd position in the list of TOP 50 countries with the biggest number of certified IT specialists. The universities produce over 380,000 IT graduates annually.
Easy Traveling
Europeans don’t need a visa to go to Ukraine. That’s why there will be no waste of time or money to prepare documents that will make the traveling process easier.
Good Geographical Position
Ukraine is situated on the crossroads of major transportation routes from Europe to Asia and from the Scandinavian states to the Mediterranean region. So for West European companies traveling to Ukraine would be very convenient and easy (one to three-hour flight).
Cultural Compatibility
Ukrainians people are very similar to Europeans when it comes to business. You will not meet any cultural barriers because Ukrainian outsourcing and outstaffing companies have similar business culture, management style and clear approach to solving work issues.
Advanced Language Skills
The majority of Ukrainian software engineers have a good command of English language. More than 50% of IT specialists possess fluent or advanced English skills. Every developer has at least a basic knowledge of the language that is necessary for doing work properly.
NDA and Other Legal Agreements
To protect the company’s information it is possible to sign the agreements that can provide its security. This is a common practice in Ukraine, so the client can be sure that the Ukrainian legislative system guarantees intellectual property rights.
Low Cost for High Quality
Ukrainian IT specialists are very skilled, experienced and have a good background. However, the price for outstaffing in Ukraine is much less than the price for the same services in Western Europe.
Beneficial Prices and Fees
The prices in Ukraine are vastly cheaper than in Europe. Of course, Ukrainian outstaffing service is more expensive than in India, but the quality and expertise of personnel will be much higher. In addition, you will save money on administrative fees that will be lower due to low-income taxes.

It’s obvious why Ukraine is considered to be an IT heaven for start-ups and foreign entrepreneurs: certified experts, low prices on high-quality IT services, favorable conditions for making business here, etc. Besides, the number of IT specialists is constantly growing while the size of compensation remains on the same level that is much less than European require. So maybe it’s a high note to try all the advantages of the Ukrainian IT market right now. Feel free to contact Outstaffing Inc managers and find out more about how your business can benefit from outstaffing in Ukraine.
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